Turbo innovation for better performance!

History of


Flashjet is founded in 2014 by Arjan Hekman( Owner KTR Trading BV )

and Rene van der Panne (Cooiman Transport and  Fruit Trading  )





With many years’ experience of both founders in the Truck and transport sector  and power test  of Truck engines they saw the need off a  system to reduce Turbo Lag On Truck Diesel powered engines and other engines with turbo's. After testing several methods they  developed a system that is very easy to install on existing and new engines .



In General  the system works as follows:  while the throttle is pushed  to the maximum, for a short time (0,7 sec ) there is a much higher flow generated  to the Turbine wheel(Flashexpansion ) of  the Turbo. This effect gives a higher  pressure on the compressor side , the higher flow is created with our own developed  patented system .





The result is a much higher torque at lower RPM, less carbon particles and the highest engine output is reached in less than half the time than with a normal turbo.



The system was tested for more than 2 years and 200.000 km and is experienced as very reliable and high drive comfort less gear changes are necessary ,special with driving uphill the system gives much faster uphill speed because the lost off speed after change to a lower gear is much less than working with a traditional turbo .Now we have a final test on the World most toughest rally Paris Dakar with the Ginaf Trucks.



1 No Turbo Lag

2 Much higher Torque

3 Lower  fuel  consumption

4 Less Carbon particle

5 Double Turbo pressure with 1.000 RPM




In the below showed Graphics  you can see the difference on the output of the Turbo pressure in KW


With 1.000 RPM Double turbo pressure.


This is a diagram to show how long it takes to build up full horse power with the Flashjet Off.

The green line in the  diagram  shows how long it takes to build up full horse power with the Flashjet On.

Resistance at rear wheels.

System off, after 9 seconds on full power.

From full throttle at 864 Tpm.

Clocked at 1051 after 9 seconds at 212,85 full power.

Resistance at rear wheels.

System on, after 4 seconds at full power.

From full throttle at 896 Tpm.

Clocked at 1059 after 9 seconds at 226,27 full power.

System Cost


Price on demand.

Please contact us for more information.

Paris Dakar


Paris Dakar is the longest  and hardest  race for trucks and other vehicles on earth , for these truck teams the turbo response is vital for a good performance in the race , After introducing our system to the team of Ginaf ( Wuf van Ginkel ) and Smink  and several test drives they did see such a large benefit with the system that they ask to mount it on their trucks for the 2015 Paris Dakar



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